June 14, 2022

When the Candle Burns on Both Sides

When the Candle Burns on Both Sides
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Burnout is real!! It's hard to name what is the cause.  What has to burning at both ends?

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Welcome to the village square. Listen, I'm burning at both ends. Y'all I'm burning the candle at both ends. I am burnt out. But let's talk about it. Grab a lantern. Welcome to our village stories, parenting through passion and grit, feeling this shared stories, become the lanterns that guide our kids path. Join other villagers as coach cam, a teacher and athletic director creates a safe space for these stories. So grab a lantern and let's light it up. Oh yeah. Feeling this yore. You crazy. All right. Welcome everybody in. Appreciate y'all. Uh, giving me a time and space. This would be the first time that I actually do not edit. I'm just going to. Go with it. Not edit, not take anything out. 'cause I'm burnt out. This is a real episode. This is me and my Ross. Me at my most vulnerable for the moment. I mean, I have other stories, but this particular story right now is real life, real life in time. I am. Burnt out. I'm sure many of you have felt. This feeling of what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Why am I so drained? How come I am? I feel like I'm always playing catch up. And I had to find a way to name it before I could actually like, come on and talk about it. But. I'm burnt out because I'm tired of convincing. I'm gonna say it again. I am tired. Of convincing. Now my job. You know, as a teacher, Part of the job is to convince, convince children. You know what you're talking about, convinced children that. You have a positive message for them that you're in their lives to help make changes for them in the right ways. Just constant convincing. It's a little bit different at the middle school level. The middle school level. It's convincing it's constant negotiations. It's constant. Back and forth and. It's June. And I'm tired. Of convincing and going back and forth and. It's. It burned into candles at both end, because not only do you have to convince the children, you know what you're talking about and. You have to convince, sometimes you got to convince their parents. You know what you're talking about? And being in the realm that I'm in, in the, in this gym space, you know, It's not seen as a. As a real class. It's something that's just supposed to be there. The boost GPA. The importance of it is missed. Listen, physical activity is just as important. As anything you do, it keeps you going. It keeps you motivated. You break a sweat, you feel better. Are you able to concentrate a little bit more? Some kids use this as a space to get to energies out. But a year of. Responding to emails. Convincing parents of why you're doing certain things, convincing the children and why you're doing certain things. It just. It just becomes very frustrating and you just get burnt out. Like you just run out of the energy, running out of you, run out of things to say. Multiple ways to say the same thing and just run out of it. And was striking even more. Is that. Once sometimes once you've convinced the child. Of what they need to do. They go home and hear a different story and then they come back. Because. You may not realize your parents, your children do listen to the conversations that you have, and they do bring it back to the gym. They do bring it back to the teachers. They do bring it back to admin. Their stance on things. How they see the world. Their actions, their reasons behind their actions. And nothing is more telling than a child with their back against the wall. On. On a certain subject. And they will tell you everything and where they got it from. And who said it knew where they were. So I also say that to say this parents be mindful if you're having a. Frustrating moment or. You're discussing something that may not necessarily be for child's ears. They're still listening. You have to be mindful of that. Be mindful of your stance, be clear about where you stand and what you say. Because children will take your frustration as the final word because of the raw emotion behind it. And they will bring it back to wherever they go and they feel like that's how they have to be. That's how they have to think in order to please. You as the parent. Now I know a lot of you are. Feeling like burnt out at work as well. And feeling that. Emotional rollercoaster of, oh, it's almost summer. And my child's going to be home and have to figure out what to do with them. I encourage everybody just to take a deep breath. Take a deep breath. That project at work is going to get done. You're going to find something. For your children to do, and they're going to be happy with it, but you got to trust yourself a little bit. So that's my call to action for you parents. Trust yourself a little bit. No, what you're doing, being a parent, it didn't come with instructions. I did not come with instructions at all. It's like these. It's like having the VCR instructions and anybody ever read the VCR instructions. I didn't. Maybe that's why, you know, the, the 12 was still blinking. On the VCR. Wow. Do you realize that some of our children don't even know what a VCR is? Um, but I say that to say this, just take a deep breath. You know what you're going to do. Just follow through. Be consistent, be honest. And I want everybody to come back next year. Ready? To work, be prepared. To push your children a little bit more, be prepared to. Except things that even you may not be comfortable with. But it for the betterment of your children, you have to trust your teachers. You got to trust us. You got to trust admin a little bit more. It's hard. It's difficult, especially if you're not locked into the same vision. It can be a. Scary. Very scary. But if we do not have a joint mindset or some things, our children are going to suffer greatly. And then by June, you're going to be burnt out because you're going to be convincing yourself that you're doing the right thing. Then you're going to be convincing your children that you're doing the right thing. Then you got to go to work and convince. Then you have to convince the teachers, you know what you're talking about with your child, you got to convince admin. That they need to do a little bit more, whole lot of convincing, and then you get burnt out. Burning the candles at both ends. So I want you all to keep that in mind. Please. Just try to find a balance, trying to find a way in between. And it's not about you. It's not about us. It's not about the parents, not about the teachers, not about admin. It's about. Our children, how can we be the best versions? Of ourselves for our children. And asked my message. So. Please everyone enjoy your summer. Obviously this is not the last one. Got two more in effect before the summer. Woo. But I just wanted to share that message. Burnout is real. Find a way to reset yourself right now. I'm about to do mindfulness. I appreciate anybody who's been listening. Please like, and subscribe. Wherever you get your podcast. Have exciting things lined up. Once again, I appreciate your time. Allow me in your space. You know, I read somewhere that people are very. Particular about podcasts and who they listened to because it's their time. I was like you, right? So you have to create stuff that. Is worthy enough for them to want to. Spend their time with you. So if you find me worthy enough to spend time with. Once again, I really appreciate it. As always I'll end with a quote. Any and everything you do, you do with passion and grit. Find your passion. And get to it. As a coach came salute. I'll holler at you on the flip side. Wow.