June 27, 2022

Good Journey, Heres to New Beginnings

Good Journey, Heres to New Beginnings
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Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. You could be anywhere in the world, but you're here with me. Welcome to our village stories. Today's recording is a farewell recording. I recently my wife and I recently accepted positions down in, Florida. So this will be our last year. At arts and letters three or five United. I wanna say that my time here I grew up here, I student taught here. I found my wife here raised a family here, built an athletic program here. I grew up became a mini adult and I want to thank. all of you who have allowed me in your space, allowed me to help raise your children. Allowed me to be a mentor, allowed me to be a teacher, allowed me to be a coach. I'm really appreciative of those experiences. Those connections are so important and vital to teachers in general. And. Without your support, a school doesn't run. And I am definitely one of those people who believe it or not. I don't like to do a big pop-in circumstance thing because I'm leaving, I'm the guy who there's a party going on and I prefer to get on my horse and ride off into the sunset without anybody looking. But, I feel that. What I have to say is, important. And I wanna get this message across to everyone. I believe in community, obviously. And I believe in the strength of the village, in order for all of this to work, we have to find a way to be under one umbrella under one idea, and that all stems from the children. whatever you do. However you build wherever you put your time in anything, you invest your time, your energy, your funds invest in the community, invest in the people. That's how you're gonna get things done around here. We start to try to, pick and choose certain things. It doesn't really work out in our favor. If we're here to build community, we all have to do it together. Doesn't mean we gotta agree on everything all the time. That's not, what's gonna happen. Doesn't mean we're gonna be on the same page all the time. That's not gonna happen. But if we do it with love, if we do it with intention, if we do it together, if we invest in the right things, you will find success. You will find a home. In the school you're in right now, but that can only happen if you truly want to do it and accept the fact that it's not gonna happen overnight. As a builder, when I built the athletic program, it wasn't about the 12 that I had. It was about the bigger picture. Like how can we grow this so that we can reach as many kids as possible. And you have to think about that when you invest your time, your funds. Yes. It is about your child in the moment. Excuse me. It is about your child in the moment, but it's also about leaving the legacy for the children behind them so that when your child wants to visit and come back, they have something to come back to. They have something they're proud. something that they can hold dear to themselves. See, I love as a teacher, I love when the kids come back, even though that some of them are taller than me now. But I love when they come back and just wanna say, hi and hello, because there's this place for them. They feel welcome and open enough to come back. And that is the type of community, the type of place that you want to build for your children. and other people's children. So invest in the community, do it with courage, do it with love. And that's my message. Our village stories will not end. Everybody is still welcomed into the town square. It's just gonna look a little different now. We're gonna take a break over the summer. We're gonna jump right back into it to jump right back into it. This September, anybody who still wants to be involved, please do reach out. You can email me if you have my number, you can text. Once again, I want to thank you for allowing me in your space to help raise your children. please love your children. Please listen to your children. Find middle ground, invest in your community. Once again, in the words of bill Preston, be excellent to each other. all right. Make sure you like subscribe. I'm gonna put some legacy episodes up during the summer just to give you a little, refresher course, and then we're gonna get right back into it. Also, I'm gonna repost an episode of how to prepare for sports during the summer. So your children are ready in September. That's very important. Practice starts now. All right friends, any and everything you do with passion and. find your passion and get to it. It's a coach cam salute and catch you on the flip side.