May 24, 2022

Can you accept not knowing?

Can you accept not knowing?

We always need to know were people stand. Can you handle not knowing? This episode I share a story of the great "unknown" in middle school.  Light your lantern and join us.

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Welcome villagers. You have had a story so close to you that you never shared with anyone. That you were just scared on how people will react to that particular story that happened in your life. Well, I was. Able to get over that fear a little bit to share a particular story that I had experienced in middle school with other middle schoolers. The reason I build up this courage to. Give out this story is that. They needed to hear it. They needed to see that they were not alone in their experiences. They needed to see that they weren't alone and how they felt. This is me practicing what I preach. So today you will get a story. About a story of my, one of my experiences in middle school. This was a live shooting, no editing, So grab a lantern and check it out. usually we used to share stories about our lives, And, you know, express some commonalities to help you get through the day. That's what we use morning meeting for. And this is the part of, the day actually enjoy sharing with you guys to give you some insight on how some adults think and why they are the way they are. And also to let you know that you're not alone in certain situations when you're feeling, you know, with your friends or family, things like that. So I have a story I want to share now, full disclosure. I've told nobody this story before. My wife doesn't know the story. My son doesn't know this story. I've kept this to myself for years and I really mean that no cap. Yeah. Yeah. I've been waiting to use that. Now picture this. So coach use to play on the football team and seventh grade. Okay. in long island, we had a football team. I played defensive end. Okay. So we had some we had something called the pep rally where the gym is packed. So imagine the jet pack was 750 students. Okay. gym is packed all the teachers in their admin everybody's chair. So they said, can Cam why don't you go. All right, I'll go first. So I'm all pumped. You know, I got my uniform on. I'm feeling good about myself. I'm on fleek. If you still use that word. Okay. So coach calls my name. He says number 72, Cameron Johnson. And I come running out the locker room, dead silence, not a boo, not a cheer, not a clap. And that includes the adults that were in the room too. Not a sound. So me being me, I kind of was like, oh, okay. So I ran down the court line. I raised my helmet like this, turn the corner and went to the side. Obviously I wanted to go crawl into whatever. I could find at the moment because the next person behind me, his name was Damien Jones. As soon as I said, Damien Jones, the gym erupted, like they just said, Michael Jordan has just entered the building. Okay. So I've been sitting with that since. Now to make matters worse. You know how little chatter happens like, so everybody goes back and they talk about, whoa, did you hear what happened? Did you see what happened? And everybody's trying to like how sometimes you guys come into the gym to have a conversation before you go to class about all the little gossip that's happening. Okay. Yeah. You know exactly what I'm talking about the next day. Nothing. The day after that, like, I didn't exist in the building. You see, you go around. Chasing things for likes, like you're on the Tik TOK or whatever you worried about. Who's going to like your stuff, you know, did you get the dance move right? Who has the most likes, who has shared the most comments? Okay. You can not let that be the driving factor and how you go about your life, because you'll be very disappointed most of the time, because not enough people are going to like you, not enough people looking to share your stuff, not enough. People are going to comment. So you, in that moment, And I used that moment, particularly because I had to find a lot, find out a lot about myself. Right. I had to be sure about self I had to grow within itself. Was it perfect? No. Did it take a lot of time? Absolutely. Am I still working on it? Absolutely. Okay. So I want all of you to take, take that in. So. You have a disagreement with a friend or you're not kicking it with your friends group anymore. Just know a lot of that stuff is temporary. You just have to work on being secure and okay with yourself. Because when you do that, the right people find you and the right moments, find you everybody cool with that.

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