April 29, 2022

Bonus Episode: Teen prospective of Social Media

Bonus Episode: Teen prospective of Social Media
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Two students talk about the negative effects on social media.

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Hey villagers. You ever wonder what's on the mind of our young children? Well, lucky for you. I have two young ladies. That decided to come on the podcast and discuss their feelings of social media and how it affects their generation Welcome to our village stories. Parenting through passion and grit, shared stories, become the lanterns that guide our kids path. Join other villagers as coach cam. a teacher and athletic director creates a safe space for these stories. So grab a lantern and let's light it up Today, we'll be talking about how phones can change kids in middle school. We believe that phones have affected middle school negatively because there's affects people to say things that they might not be so comfortable saying online. In person. Online. Like people can have more confidence online then they do in person. So they can I say something? Bad online, but not in person. I think people believe that it's better or. Not as hard. online because they're able to not see. The other person's reaction live which helps. It helps bullying kind of increase a lot. And I feel like a lot of the times we as middle schoolers, hear. That. Our parents or our guardians have had a really hard time in middle school, but like they've never experienced middle school with phones. I mean, maybe your parents are really young, but So it's like very different, cause like someone can like easily say something. Online and like they can, I get into a fight with their friend. And. The other person can not respond and to say, wait, but then in person kind of like have to respond. And you can just like, Ignore them. I also think that. School has changed a lot after we were. In quarantine because. Before. Our friendships were based online. We all kind of lost a sense of how we communicate and how we act around others because. Weren't around others for a really long time. And I think that's kind of affected us negatively. I don't think a lot of people realize it, because I think a lot of people middle school, even us think it's okay to. Say things online that you wouldn't say in person. And I think that. That shouldn't be the rule. Anytime. even in my own experience, some kids, like they would say really mean stuff online, but then you would see them in person and you. You wouldn't like, they wouldn't say that there'll be act on nice and not. I may not know that they said what they said. You might not notice, but like on Instagram, do it's some accounts that they were like talking about, like talking bad about people and I. And honestly, and I causing drama between friends and. Oh, no. Sometimes not even friends. A lot of the times, A lot of the information wasn't even true. And it heard a lot of people. I also think that people. Should be able to. Kind of be comfortable if you're comfortable saying it online and you're comfortable saying it in person because. I think a lot of people have this problem. But they don't think that. And I guess like, they don't think that before they, they tax. Or they speak. Um, I think that a lot of the times, even when people do things say mean things online, they act completely normal. In-person. And it kind of affects a lot of people's mental health. Because there. 'cause like you have this whole other relationship that no one else knows about because it's just between you and them. Because. It's on the phone and not in a Like face-to-face space. Therefore, that's how I think online and like phones can affect middle schoolers or even younger. How are they there? They act. yeah. Thank you for listening. I would like to thank our two younger villagers for joining us on the pod. Be sure to hit that like and subscribe button to our village stories, parenting through passion and grit. I love their wonderful insight on the topic of social media also be sure to click the store link at ayecoachcam.com show your support and become a villager. Thank you for jumping on and lighting your lanterns. Remember any and everything you do, you do with passionate grit. Find your passion and get to it. That's ayecoachcam salute