April 5, 2022

What was it that Phil Collins said?.....

He could feel it coming in the air tonight....


Same thing here I guess..


With the new season coming in, so does that fresh air, and release of energy.  Whether it be positive or negative, it is upon us.  Students feel this uncontrollable urge to "release" after being inside for so long.  Double the fact that COVID has had a lasting effect on all of it,

the sun allows for the emotional "bloom"


Yes...this also means your kids will take the "long" way home. They will push the boundaries of their restrictions. Push back on any rules and guidelines in place. 

THEY WANT TO BREAK FREE!!! (someone started singing Queen right now).

Be mindful of the push back. Re-enforce the reasons why you have these guidelines in the first place.  They will not like you, they will give you attitude..all natural reactions during this time.


In Conclusion:

Take a deep breathe, remember they are still just children navigating emotions and social groups. The sudden burst of freedom will drive them crazy.  Be the center they need..Even if they don't want it, but we know they need it.