March 22, 2022

Wait...I didn't try out for this role!!

Anyone who has tried out for a play knows this feeling...I mean I tried out for the scarecrow in Oz and was casted as "extra". I can't tell you how that felt. I've been a Dracula, Bono in Fences, I landed some pretty good roles in middle/high school...but extra??

We at times think high of ourselves in other people's lives because we care and feel invested. Then feel absolutely devastated when we realize we aren't as important as we think....

That doesn't change the person we are at the core, it just teaches us along the way that we have roles in people's lives whether we want to accept them or not. 

Luckily I have a breakdown for you:


Main Character:

The actually star, the story follows this person and we are all intrigued on their moves.


They save the day eventually.


They are their to take over or just to create chaos.


Awkwardly saves the day. Doesn't follow the rules but gets it done.


Background..not a major player but can affects the story.


Always around to lend a helping hand.

Where does that put us?

Hard to believe we aren't the hero in everyone's story.  As much as we desperately want to!!! We push, we offer advice, we extend ourselves but it just doesn't happen.

With that comes the fact that we are the villian some stories.  May not be our intent but that is the part we play in other lives. We will not always agree and our ideals will be far apart. That's just how it goes sometimes.

My favorite the anti-hero.....Misunderstood sometimes, ideals may not make sense..but at the end it always comes together....

The extra, not as important as we would like to be but still influences the story....can sway ideas and movement without the main characters realizing it.


In Conclusion:

Your role in others stories should not change who you are. No matter how hard you work and what you do, some people's vision of you will remain the same.  It is up to you to be solid in your stances and beliefs.  Your job is not always to convince, but to find a mutual level of understanding.  If you can, do that and accept your role (whatever that may be), we can continue to be strong villagers in our community.


"Any and everything you do, do it with passion and grit.  Find your passion..and get to it.."