Coaches Bio

Coach is a 10 year veteran teacher/Athletic Director that looks to build students sense of self and foster strong communication between parents and their children.  His experiences include: 3s/4s, Kindergarten, 2nd grade and Physical Education. A masters graduate from Sarah Lawrence College, he developed his love for block building. He works with other teachers and schools to incorporate block building into their classroom programming.

He spent 8 years coaching basketball at the Division 2 level, helping young men develop life skills for their future endeavours.

During his tenure as a New York City public school teacher, he developed a basketball program that grew from 12 to 90 students in a six year span. In this time, he changed the mind-set and culture revolving around sports and student athletes.


He believes in the strength of the village and feels you should too!  We motivate our kids through shared stories and experiences similar to the Native Americans and other cultures of old. Our experiences are lights that guide the path of the next generation. WE cannot be afraid to shine lanterns because of our own insecurities. To guide their paths, it takes all of us.

Any and everything you do, do it with passion and grit. Find your passion and get to it. -ayecoachcam-



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